Getting paid to write or paid to blog is one of the biggest online markets in the making money at home field. There are huge opportunities for writing that range from creating blogs, sales letters, affiliate letters, articles, website content, screenplays, manuscripts, while so many to name it would take days so let’s fast forward a bit. There will be many times in this field that you will come across difficult customers but you should always remain professional in what you do including communication because your job is to provide services to them according to their specifics and if you aren’t willing to negotiate please be careful of the jobs you take on or else you’d be putting yourself at risk of a bad reputation making it harder to take on more future jobs.

Other jobs you will be presented with are the types where you can choose your writing topics based on payment or make proposals based on what you are willing to do, setting your own payments tops the list in this field. You can also blog to earn money but depending on your choice of topics you may or may not do so well. Having a Niche topic is best for Bloggers or Article writers because you present your readers with information that is useful while widely searched for. If your Niche topic turns out to be widely searched for you must remember that you have plenty of competition out there so your quality has to be the best. Using the Google Adwords tool would be helpful in researching how many people are searching the area of your Niche topic per day giving you a heads up on competition and keyword search if you choose to stick with your chosen topics. Blogging and Article writing go hand in hand with programs like Google Adsense and Pay per clicks.

Maybe you’re great at creating eBooks or ghostwriting, the two do on average pay more than the others because you are producing anywhere from thirty pages and up but getting payments for completed projects from around the hundreds starting prices. Not to prolong your time knowing that you are anxious to get started we have created a small list  of the best online paid to write and paid to blog websites including specific details.

Paid To Write Listings

1.    Elance – At elance you will find thousands of paid to write jobs in any field of interests along with web & programming, design & multimedia, sales & marketing, administration support, finance management, legal, engineering & manufacturing. The jobs will include fixed rates and hourly rates with payments being by deposited by clients through escrow before starting jobs and withdrawal by providers to PayPal, bank accounts, or directly to the elance prepaid MasterCard that is offered when jobs are complete. Clients can leave you feedback and you can leave feedback as well so taking on many jobs is definitely a possibility if you are a fast worker.


2.    Freelancer – This paid to write website works much like elance and presents an even larger category of opportunity. Unfortunately you have to be really careful when taking on jobs because of the popularity this website has been prone to a few scammers. The website is still useful and the pay is really great for many projects, payments are made out through the payoneer debit card with withdrawals being Mondays & Tuesdays Only.


3.    Mylot – This is an online writing and blog website community where you are paid via PayPal starting at balances of $10. Earnings here will come from writing quality content, discussions and image earnings so it’s like a social website where you are getting paid to post about topics that interest you or appeal to others.



4.    Squidoo – Another article writing and blogging website where you earn from your writings that are called creating a lens. Your earnings come from a 50% share of squidoo profits from ads shown on the website or affiliate links. You can keep all of your earnings or donate to charity, squidoo receives much notification worldwide. You can also earn from Café Press Products, Amazon and eBay Products.


5.    Constant Content- A website for Article, bloggers, review writers, photographers and illustrators to sell either full, unique or usage rights to their works. This website is a great money maker in the paid to write field. On this website you get a feel that you are definitely in control and payments are made via PayPal.


6.    Review Stream – A starting out website for students or beginners, on this website you are paid small payments to write reviews. Payments are through PayPal when a minimum of $50 is reached. One can have loads of fun on this paid to write website.


7.    Hubpages – On this website you can write about any topic that interest you while using Google Adsense, eBay affiliate, Amazon and Kontera accounts to earn profits. This is one of the most popular blogging websites and seems to have more to offer than others of similar nature.


8.    Xomba – Another online writing community where members will receive a 50/50 split of adsense revenue from the website. This website is excellent to drive traffic to your other online publishing or websites.  http//

9.    PickJack – This is a free signup website community where the members are paid to write questions and answers, the questions can be about anything but it has to be intriguing enough to get votes because the more popular the better. Definitely give this a try, payouts are via PayPal.

10.    Flixya – Earnings come from video, blog, and photo sharing. Your profits are 100 percent of the adsense revenue. This website has many users and you are free to choose your own topics.

11. Helium – Earnings will come from blog posting on any subject of choice with your articles and posts in competitions with others for the number one spot. You are paid by PayPal when your account reaches the minimum of $25. You can also earn from selling articles directly or other affiliate programs.

12.Ehow is a very popular website for online writers that offer PayPal payment from articles based on your writings popularity. If you have interesting topics on how to do something you can earn big here.

13.Article Revenue – This is an adsense ads revenue sharing website where you can promote other sites along with generating backlinks. Great to create traffic.

14. Associated Content – On this website you can earn from adsense and affiliate links but this also a great place to post if you want your writings to get ranked in Google top 10.

15.Pay Per Post – Offers bloggers a place to earn directly from their blogs by setting their own prices with you being able to set higher prices when traffic increases for advertisers to place ads on your blogs.

16.My Essays – You can get paid to write or sell your essays on this website that receives much of its traffic from college students and high school students looking to avoid a few assignments. Payments are made via PayPal.

17. Blog Burner – Here you can create a free blog and earn through Adsense, has a very large community and nice layouts.

18. Blogger Wave – You use your own blog to make money from advertisers and are paid by PayPal. The earnings here are unlimited.

19.Blogitive – You earn $5 per review submitted on your blog paid by PayPal every week.

20.LinkWorth – Bloggers can make money with their blog selling ad or link space. Super large community with unlimited income potential no matter if your blog is old or new.

21.Smorty – You are paid to write review via PayPal weekly, this is an excellent source for fast cash.

22.Laud Launch – You are paid to blog about campaign releases that match your interests, but your blog website must be at least 2 months old, you must also be over 18 with a verified PayPal account and knowledge of html. http://www.loudlaunch

Now you want to make sure that you have accounts for Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate, eBay affiliate, and Kontera because these are widely used on many websites above and can only add to your earning potential.

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